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Profondeville – Maredsous 

Nature walk around Maredsous Abbey

The region is full of picturesque spots that invite you to go for a bike ride in a varied and authentic landscape.

The tour starts in Profondeville, this beautiful Mosan village has made the river its inseparable companion. You will ride along the Meuse, along the towpath to contemplate the Mosan villas and arrive at the Annevoie garden estate where the splendour and majesty of the French style blend harmoniously with English romanticism and Italian refinement. These gardens are the only water gardens in Belgium and are among the most beautiful in Europe.

You will then go a little higher to dominate the valley of the Molignée through country lanes to discover the neighbouring villages and not just any villages!

The meanders of the Molignée are home to Sosoye, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia, with its typical limestone houses and listed buildings.

You continue your walk to the famous Maredsous Abbey, founded in 1872 and one of the most beautiful in Belgium! Take advantage of your visit to admire the architecture of the monastery and taste the famous cheeses and beers of Maredsous!

After this moment of relaxation, take the road between meadows and streams to reach the village of Arbre, nestled in a green setting, it is admired by many walkers.

Return to Profondeville

Circuit : approximately 50 kms. Possible departure from the 7 Meuses (which requires a more substantial effort)

Level : Beginner-intermediate


The Capitainerie Route

A ride rich in natural and historical heritage but not only…

An ideal electric bike adventure to clear your head and make beautiful discoveries along the way!
From “the Capitainerie of Namur”, you will ride along the Meuse to discover the village of Wépion, land of the strawberry, known worldwide.
Continue your tour in the most beautiful landscape section of the Mosan valley, revealing numerous cliffs and sumptuous environment such as the famous Annevoie Gardens.
As you cross the country roads and the neighboring villages, the Citadel of Namur, a masterpiece of Vauban, rises up in front of you as if by magic from another time! This exceptional heritage site has been able to preserve the traces of each period of its 2000 years.

In Namur, the art of living well is omnipresent. End your day on board our barge or on our 144m² floating terrace to enjoy a relaxing moment on the water’s edge with a drink, a snack, and a breathtaking view of the Citadel.

And why not continue the discovery of the city from another angle by indulging in the pleasures of an electric boat ride, paddle or kayak.

Circuit : approximately 40 kms.

Level : Beginner-intermediate

Dinant – Maredsous

Daughter of the Meuse...

Dinant, the “Daughter of the Meuse”, gets its nickname from its special location between the cliffs and the river. The town is literally embedded between the Meuse and the rocks, which gives it its charm. The town of Adolphe Sax, the famous inventor of the saxophone, Dinant is a real postcard!

You start your walk along the banks of the Meuse, inevitably looking towards the Citadel and the bulbous bell tower of the Collegiate Church. During this warm-up ride along the towpath, you will enjoy the mystical atmosphere of the place!

E-Bike Trip offers you the opportunity to discover the treasures hidden in the region at the pace of nature!  The gardens of Annevoie, the only water gardens in Belgium and one of the most beautiful in Europe, the castle of Bioul and its vineyard.

You walk through pastures, groves and steep valleys to finish the first part of the stage where you reach, at your own pace, the abbey of Maredsous, one of the most beautiful in the country! Take advantage of your visit to admire the architecture of the monastery and taste the famous cheeses and beers of Maredsous! After this moment of relaxation, you will cross other villages and not just any villages! Maredret, Sosoye and its famous mountain, Falaën and its limestone, the latter classified among the private club of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia… (Belgium)

Return to Dinant

Circuit : approximately 50 kms

Level : Beginner-intermediate

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